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- Sterling silver beach jewellery gift ideas -

Paua shell beachy style earrings sterling silver gift idea

Think back to the old days where wearing jewellery to the beach was considered silly. Sure, wearing jewellery to the beach or even the pool doesn’t seem like a practical way to accessorise your outfit, but guess what, it’s on trend and so many people are doing it so they can look great going for a swim or soaking up some sun on the sand.

Just do a scroll through Instagram and you will find lots of ‘jewellery at the beach’ photos. You’ll see a mix of hoop earrings, layered necklaces, and body chains. Although a word of advice, leave the precious metals and gemstones at home because beachy sterling silver pieces are not only affordable but won’t be ruined by salt water or chlorine.

Buying beach friendly jewellery that can deal with sun, ocean, swimming, sun tan cream and salty, sweaty skin is quite possible. Most of the time we think about getting the necessities like a towel, swimsuit, hat or sunnies before we head to the beach.

You don’t need to leave your jewellery at home, in fact all of our pieces are made out of 100% sterling silver, so while other brands will tell you not to wear their earrings, pendants or rings into the water, we encourage you to leave ours on and enjoy yourself.

The difference is, ours are made of solid sterling silver & the others are generally not. While many jewellery brands recommend taking your pieces off before you decide to dive into a chlorine pool or salty ocean water, there are types of jewellery better suited to time in the water than others. 

Typically, solid gold, gold-filled, platinum, or sterling silver jewellery can handle a bit of water. Be careful with cheap plated jewellery as it can wear off or tarnish over time. 

unique handmade jewellery australia unique ocean jewelry unique silver jewellery unique sterling silver jewellery unusual silver designer jewellerys Kaikoa Silver Jellyfish set of earing pendant ring

Unique sterling silver jewellery gift ideas

Getting out to the beach, swimming in the ocean, breathing in that fresh salty air has now become the most popular thing to do in Australia as everyone lusts for freedom.

We are seeing this attitude manifest itself with what people are wearing too, especially ocean lovers who are environmentally conscious. So many people are looking for unique sterling silver jewellery gift ideas. 

Sterling silver isn’t as bold or flashy as gold, it is timeless and suits those who love to look good but not have a ‘look at me’ type of style of vibe.

Beachy earrings

Beachy style earrings are unique, different and have so many interesting shapes, textures and designs that it is hard to choose just a single pair.

So many people are bored of pearls, diamons or basic shapes like circles or triangles. Beachy earrings have all these beautiful shapes and elements from things like shells, coral, the waves of the ocean and other items found under the water that are just simply unique. 

Earrings are probably one of the easiest gifts to buy someone because you don’t have to worry too much about sizing & they are generally small as well as light enough to suit anyone. No matter your body shape, length of hair or even height, earrings are a safe item to buy a loved one as a gift.

Blonde woman wearing ocean beach inspired sea shell shaped silver earrings made in Australia
Handmade sterling silver ring on a finger made in Australia with the shape of a wave

Beachy rings

Who cares about wearing just one ring these days. Beachy rings make it easy to forget about society’s standards letting you wear more than one on any hand you like.

The shape of a sterling silver beachy ring will surprise people with unique textures that most people would not have seen before. So rather than a boring circle or typical diamond ring, a beachy ring lets your playful personality shine, letting you be an individual any day of the week.

Eco-friendly beach jewellery

The silver that we make our jewellery with is produced from recycled metal waste. The fine tuned refining process is focused on environmental sustainability and by recycling waste products to create a high quality rings, earrings or pendants we are diverting waste from landfill. 

So many people these days are not buying jewellery from retail stores, instead they want something unique, that is handmade and where they can see how it is sourced or if it is eco-friendly.

silver shark beachy tooth pendant
sterling silver ocean inspired coral ring made in Australia

Australian made beach jewellery

It’s true, companies who make jewellery overseas can copy design ideas, but nothing is quite the same as genuine items that were inspired by local aspects of our culture.

The landscape, beaches and oceans around Australia are unique. The combination of weather, climate, culture and environment are unique to our country, that authenticity can’t be copied when you buy Australian made beach jewellery.

Beach jewellery maintenance

The last small detail that nobody really considers when buying jewellery is how to maintain it. We’ve written a short guide on how you can keep your pieces looking amazing that you can read here.

how to clean tarnish off your sterling silver jewellery