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sexy surfer girl wearing kaikoa sterling silver jewellery

Our jewellery range 

Browse our range of handmade jewellery pieces for sale via our online store. Each item is made in our workshop on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. 

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We make a range of rings, earrings, pendants and stacker rings that are for sale using different designs, shapes and textures that evoke elements of the ocean. They can be worn on their own, or together in an ensemble to create any type of look you are after. Casual beach days, a night out dancing or a drive down the coast, your choice, your way.

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Ocean inspired handmade jewellery designer sunshine coast australia workshop

Jewellery that is made in a factory is precise, made in bulk and looks exactly the same as every other piece that was produced. Our handmade jewellery designs carry a similar idea, but each one is hand crafted, giving each piece unique attributes.

Using the highest quality sterling silver everything is made in our workshop in Australia to the specific custom size that you require.

Our jewellery company has a singular focus on creating beautiful ocean inspired pieces, learn more about what we do.

 – Buy jewellery made in Australia –

Blonde woman wearing ocean beach inspired silver jewellery that is made in Australia

We are an Australian company that loves to support the local community whenever we can. Instead of purchasing jewellery pieces that are mass produced in factories overseas you can buy from local Australian producers. 

Learn about what has inspired us to create this range of products and what drives our passion for them.