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Sunrise Hoop Earrings


These Sunrise hoop earrings are the perfect reminder that each day brings a fresh start. As we repeatedly watch the sun emerging up over the horizon, it made us think about how no matter what things are happening in the world, or in our life, the sun would always rise on a new day.

The sunrise design is both beautiful and symbolic, reminding you to always hope for the best. Whether you’re wearing them to remind yourself to stay positive or simply add a touch of elegance to your outfit, these earrings are sure to brighten up your day. I hope that wearing your Sunrise earrings will also empower you to let go of yesterday and embrace a new perspective.

These earrings have been delicately handcrafted with a slight hammer-tone finish to reflect each ray of light that shines on them. Made from the highest quality sterling silver, so when you invest in these earrings, you are purchasing something that will last a life time. So why wait? Get your very own set of sunrise hoop earrings today?

Sunrise Hoop earrings are available in high quality Sterling Silver 925.

H42mm x W42mm (Approximate size, as everything is individually hand made.) Please be aware that as all our designs are specifically handmade, lead times will vary between 1-2 weeks, unless the item is in stock. Therefore it will be shipped within 2 business days.

1 in stock (can be made to order)


Individually handcrafted jewellery pieces made out of beautiful sterling silver that can be easily paired with any style of outfit. Casual days at the beach, a drive down the coast or dinner with your lover. Our subtle designs are filled with the organic shapes, textures and elements of the ocean.


At Kaikoa Designs we are always dreaming up new ideas and experimenting with new shapes we can use to create our handmade ocean jewellery pieces. 

The ocean is our inspiration from soft sandy beaches to the open sea, we hand-make earrings, pendants, rings and stacker rings out of sterling silver. Everything is handmade by our company on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.