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Shelly’s Drift Pendant

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The perfect piece for any occasion

Imagine you’re sitting on the beach, waves crashing behind you as they fill up your lungs with fresh air. The salty breeze brushes against your skin, making it feel like another layer is being peeled away to reveal something new each time – just when we think everything can’t get any better…then out of nowhere appears! The perfect piece for any occasion, this Shelly’s Drift Pendant.

The one-of-a kind Shelly’s drift pendant celebrates nature’s formations found at Shelly Beach on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. The beauty of these rocks was too good for us not to capture and celebrate, so we decided that unlike anything else out there – people would be able experience this formative power through an oxidized sterling silver finish which highlights every detail handcrafted by Sally and Marc.

To make the perfect combination with the Shelly’s Drift earrings, available for a gorgeous set.



Pendant and chain
We supply a complementary sterling silver chain with every one of our sterling silver pendants, making this an ideal gift that is ready to wear. However, if you would like to up-style your piece, please choose from one of chain options we have available. This stunning pendant is so easy to match with anything for everyday wear, swimming or dancing. Whichever style you choose or outfit you wear we are sure this unique pendant will create a distinctive look.

Shape and size
We can’t always visit the ocean, but we can feel a connection to it and the places we love. The Shelly’s Drift Pendant is available in high-quality Sterling Silver 925. The sizing below is approximate because everything is individually hand-made in our jewellery designer workshop on the Sunshine Coast, so there will be slight variations
Size – H36mm x W36mm

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