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Shelly's Drift Earrings


Inspired by the Natural Formations

Allow the beauty of the ocean surround you with these one of-a-kind and beautiful Shelly Drift Earrings. Inspired by the natural formations found at Shelly’s beach on the Sunshine Coast.

It's hard to describe the beauty of the way the ocean carves out the rocks there, so we decided to create something unique to celebrate what the ocean is capable of. Each set of earrings has a distinct finish. They are created and finished individually, as are all of our products. To emphasise the varying levels of detail, an oxidised finish was used.

Shape and size

We can’t always visit the ocean, but we can feel a connection to it and the places we love. The Shelly’s Drift Earrings are available in high-quality Sterling Silver 925. Choose between drop earring style or simple stud earrings from the drop down box. The sizing below is approximate because everything is individually hand-made in our jewellery designer workshop on the Sunshine Coast, so there will be slight variations H 18.5mm x W 18.5mm

Delivery times

Please be aware that all our designs are specifically handmade, so lead times will vary between 1 and 3 weeks unless the item is in stock. We will then have it shipped within 2 business days.


Individually handcrafted jewellery pieces made out of beautiful sterling silver that can be easily paired with any style of outfit. Casual days at the beach, a drive down the coast or dinner with your lover. Our subtle designs are filled with the organic shapes, textures and elements of the ocean.


At Kaikoa Designs we are always dreaming up new ideas and experimenting with new shapes we can use to create our handmade ocean jewellery pieces. 

The ocean is our inspiration from soft sandy beaches to the open sea, we hand-make earrings, pendants, rings and stacker rings out of sterling silver. Everything is handmade by our company on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.