Cerithium Pendant


Cerithium the spiral grooves

Who knew a snail could be so beautiful? Cerithium-inspired jewellery design made in Australia is truly unique. We designed this beach-inspired pendant by taking a section through the center of a beautiful cerithium shell that you can find on subtropical sand bars at high tide. Sculpted with the remarkable representation of these beloved seashells with a polished finish, detailing the spiral grooves on the shell’s surface. Not only is this sterling silver pendant eye-catching but its perfect for everyday wear as it is a lighter piece with delicate markings. Every pendant is unique, just like its original oceanic inspiration.

Pendant and chain

We supply a light and delicate chain with every one of our sterling silver pendants, making this an ideal gift that is ready to wear. On the other hand, for those that already have a chain or maybe even a leather string, you can easily add this pendant to it, we leave that option up to you and your style. This small pendant is so easy to match with anything for everyday wear, swimming or dancing, you could add it to a dainty filigree long chain for a touch of class with evening wear. Whichever style you choose or outfit you wear we are sure this unique pendant will create a unique look. A pendant is the perfect gift idea because you don’t have to worry about sizing and they suit practically any type of necklace.

Shape and size

We can’t always visit the ocean, but we can feel a connection to it and the places we love. The Cerithium Pendant is available in high-quality Sterling Silver 925. The sizing below is approximate because everything is individually hand-made in our jewellery designer workshop on the Sunshine Coast, so there will be slight variations

  • Size – H54.5mm x W23.5mm

Delivery times

Please be aware that all our designs are specifically handmade, so lead times will vary between 1 and 3 weeks unless the item is in stock. We will then have it shipped within 2 business days.

1 in stock (can be made to order)

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