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sexy surfer girl wearing kaikoa sterling silver jewellery

Sterling Silver Stacker Rings

 – Handmade jewellery rings – 

So many people imagine that sterling silver stackable rings are for anniversaries, weddings or engagements. We have designed a range of handmade silver stacker rings in a fashionable style that anyone can wear with practically any type of outfit. Buy one of our stacker rings to wear whenever you want whether you are single, taken or footloose and fancy free.

Fashion freedom

Stacker rings are all about creativity, freedom and wearing a sterling silver ring on any finger, any way you like. The thing we love the most about the stacker rings for sale that we have designed is there is really no right or wrong way to order them. 

Just like those sun kissed beach days, they are fun to play around with different combinations to see what feels right for your mood or the style of your outfit.

textured stacker ring in an ocean beachy design
ocean inspired silver stacker rings

Ocean inspired rings

Our range of sterling silver stacker ring designs have been inspired by the shapes and textures of the ocean. Using the organic shapes from the beach, the sea and its abundance of underwater wildlife, each stacker ring combines in harmony just like nature does. 

You can wear our stacker rings on any finger you like, together or even separately. They can be easily paired to earrings or a pendant too.

Silver stacking rings


Ring stacking has become popular in recent years – who says you can only wear one ring on one finger right? We embrace the rebellious feeling that stacker rings invoke, you can be an individual, arrange them how you like and change them everyday on your ring finger, pinkie or even your thumb.
Stacker rings let you be creative with how you arrange and wear your jewellery. 
close up sterling silver stackable rings on the sand
woman wearing ocean inspired handmade cerithium shell pendant made in Australia in sterling silver on bare skin

Beach vibes


The range of jewellery products that we have designed in Australia take inspiration from sea creatures, warm summer afternoons on the beach, rocky headlands and underwater coral. 
If you love being close to the ocean then you can wear our earrings, rings, stacker rings or pendants to complete a look and blend easily into any style of outfit.
Sterling silver is the easiest style, colour and texture to match any fabric, all year round, to create a beach vibe whenever you feel like it.