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gorgeous women surfer wearing sterling silver shark tooth pendant

Sterling Silver pendants

 – Handmade PENDANT jewellery – 

Our sterling silver pendants are a convergence of our love for the ocean and timeless, classic design. Each piece we make is hand crafted, an original designer piece of jewellery that can become part of your accessory collection for your unique beachy style

A pendant is probably one of the most versatile jewellery pieces anyone can buy. We have designed a range of pendants in sterling silver with different shapes and sizes using shapes or textures that are inspired by the ocean. Each piece can be easily matched to a necklace made out of soft leather, silver or even a rope chain as you desire. 

You can create a very casual look by pairing a pendant with a necklace made out of fabric or create a more formal style with something that is metallic or a precious metal. The pendants that we make can be worn with a bikini and be taken into the salt water or a swimming pool with no problems at all, they won’t tarnish or loose their shine.

Wearing a pendant


Some people prefer to wear a pendant on bare skin, perfect for those beach days. It can easily be worn with a singlet top, bikini or v-neck dress. 

A long-ish chain can be perfectly paired with a very low-cut v-neck, or a plunging neckline, to create get the desired effect. They are comfortable to wear, light and just perfect for sunny beach days where you can mix and match pendants and necklaces for your mood or the style of your outfit.

silver ocean inspired shell sterling silver pendant gift idea
beach jewellery silver shell pendant designed and made in Australia

Ocean inspired pendants

Our range of pendant designs have been inspired by the shapes and textures of the ocean. Using the organic shapes from the beach, the sea and its abundance of underwater wildlife like seashells, a shark tooth or jellyfish. 

Each pendant is carefully made in Australia to have intricate details, textures and shapes that are very similar to what you will find in the ocean.

Pendants & rings

To complete your beach themed look we have a range of rings that can be worn together with our pendants, perfectly complimenting each other. 
Every product we have designed and make in Australia is crafted from sterling silver to look, feel and vibe together with utter simplicity for any style or outfit.
women wearing a sterling silver ring with ocean inspired coral design made in Australia
woman wearing ocean inspired handmade cerithium shell pendant made in Australia in sterling silver on bare skin

Beach vibes


The range of sterling silver jewellery products that we have designed in Australia take inspiration from sea creatures, warm summer afternoons on the beach, rocky headlands and underwater coral. 
If you love being close to the ocean then you can wear our earrings, rings, stacker rings or pendants to complete a look and blend easily into any style of outfit.
Sterling silver is the easiest style, colour and texture to match any fabric, all year round, to create a beach vibe whenever you feel like it.

The perfect gift

If you are thinking about buying jewellery as a gift, then a pendant is the perfect choice. Unlike rings, you don’t have to worry about sizes as a pendant can fit on practically any chain. 
This makes it easy to buy a pendant and give it as a gift for a birthday, Christmas present, anniversary or simply ‘just because’.
fossilized shark tooth pendant sterling silver