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Ocean girl wearing sterling silver jewellery whilst swimming

Sterling Silver earrings

 – Handmade jewellery earrings – 

Earrings are the world’s most popular jewellery piece, simple to wear, easy to change and available in so many styles. Our sterling silver earrings have been designed to be light, comfortable and with beautiful striking designs that will have people stopping and noticing.  Some say an earring is a piece of jewellery attached to the ear via a piercing in the earlobe and while they have been work by different civilisations with cultural significance, these days they are the perfect way to style your outfit for the love or art or to define who you are.

Wearing earrings


Whether your earrings are drop, hoop or dangle style, they are just so easy to wear with any outfit or even hair style. We have hand crafted earrings in the shapes of sea shells, a star fish, the shape of coral and even a sunrise inspired design. Comfortable to wear all day long, even if you go for a swim.

Blonde woman with white top wearing sea shell shaped earrings made out of sterling silver made in Australia
Silver Shell Earrings ocean inspired

Ocean inspired earrings

Our range of earring designs have been inspired by the shapes and textures of the ocean. Using the organic shapes from the beach, the sea and its abundance of underwater wildlife like seashells or coral. 

Each pair of earrings are carefully made in Australia to have intricate details, textures and shapes that are very similar to what you will see in the ocean.

Earrings & rings

To complete your beach themed look we have a range of rings or pendants that can be worn together with our earrings, perfectly complimenting each other. 
Every product we have designed and make in Australia is crafted from sterling silver to look, feel and vibe together with utter simplicity for any style or outfit.
women wearing a sterling silver ring with ocean inspired coral design made in Australia
woman wearing ocean inspired handmade cerithium shell pendant made in Australia in sterling silver on bare skin

Beach vibes


The range of sterling silver jewellery products that we have designed in Australia take inspiration from sea creatures, warm summer afternoons on the beach, rocky headlands and underwater coral. 
If you love being close to the ocean then you can wear our earrings, rings, stacker rings or pendants to complete a look and blend easily into any style of outfit.
Sterling silver is the easiest style, colour and texture to match any fabric, all year round, to create a beach vibe whenever you feel like it.

The perfect gift

If you are thinking about buying jewellery as a gift, then earrings are a wonderful choice. We can custom make an earring and you don’t have to worry about sizes as they suit any size ear, neck or head shape. 
This makes it easy to buy a pendant and give it as a gift for a birthday, Christmas present, anniversary or simply ‘just because’.
close up textured beach inspired silver stud earrings