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- Peaceful Jellyfish Pendant -

Silver Jellyfish pendant

Our Peaceful Jellyfish Pendant is one of our best sellers and is beloved by our customers. When designing this statement silver pendant we were inspired by the majestic nature of the jellyfish. We love to witness the beauty of these mysterious animals who are both stunning and dangerous at the same time. The pendant was designed to reflect and refract the light. This is directly inspired by how jellyfish move effortlessly in the ocean.

We wanted to design a Jellyfish pendant that is both delicate and suitable to wear on every occasion while making a statement at the same time. The pendant comes with a light delicate silver chain however feel free to switch it up for something else that will make the piece truly unique. A totally different vibe is created by simply adding a leather string or a chunky silver chain. Make the piece your own and fall in love with it just as we have.

As ocean lovers, we believe that jellyfish have been given a bad reputation similar to sharks. Living in Australia we regularly come across them both in the ocean and washed up on the beaches. However, if you look past their stinging tentacles they are truly incredible creatures. It is staggering to learn that jellyfish are over 600 million years old, which is older than the dinosaurs. Only 2,000 species of jellyfish have been discovered and scientists estimate that there could be up to 300,000 species of jellyfish out there.

 If you are a regular beachgoer you may have witnessed more jellyfish activity in and around the ocean. There is a devastating reason behind this increase and scientists have found that as a result of climate change there is an increase in some jellyfish species growing and developing quicker than previously studied Warming waters are also encouraging some jellyfish species to expand their habitats, appear earlier in the season and increase their numbers. The deadly Irukandji jellyfish was previously only found in northern Queensland however due to climate change this species is spreading further down the east coast and could be found as south as the Gold Coast in a few years. This jellyfish has been on the move south since the 1960s and due to an increase in ocean temperature, it was found near Hervey Bay and K’Gari (Fraser Island) in 2019.

At KaiKoa we donate to the Tangaroa Blue Foundation. This non-profit organisation cleans up Australia’s coastlines and aims to reduce plastic pollution from being created and entering our waterways. Unfortunately due to plastic bags entering our oceans, these have the potential of being consumed by turtles who confuse them for jellyfish. We had an experience first-hand when we were snorkelling
with a turtle on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. We watched the turtle swim towards a plastic zip lock bag that was suspended in the ocean. Before the turtle could get close to the jellyfish lookalike we were able to swim in between the turtle and the plastic bag and grab it. It was truly devastating to almost witness a turtle consume a plastic bag and this is why organisations like the Tangaroa Blue Foundation are doing such important work that we love to support

Our handmade jewellery is crafted in our studio which operates on renewable and sustainable energy sources. We also strive to be environmentally conscious in every aspect of our business as we love the ocean that inspires us. All of our jewellery is delivered in either recyclable or compostable packaging. We want you to be able to wear your pieces wherever you go and because it is made from 100% sterling silver you can even wear them into the ocean with you.