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beach inspired jewellery

- Beautiful solid sterling silver jewellery with beach styling made in Australia -

blonde girl wearing ocean beach inspired silver hoop sterling silver earring
Kaikoa Designs handmade sterling silver jewellery that is ocean and beach inspired
Blonde woman wearing ocean beach inspired sea shell shaped silver earrings made in Australia

At KaiKoa Designs when we produce our beach inspired handmade jewellery pieces we draw our design inspiration from the natural wonders of the coast. Our handmade jewellery on the Sunshine Coast in Australia is designed locally with each jewellery piece beautifully illustrating the most exquisite elements of Australia’s beaches. Our jewellery can be worn be men or woman with a range of beach themed earrings, pendants, stacker rings or rings available for sale.

 – Beautiful beach inspired jewellery in Australia –

earrings beach ocean themed jewellery worn by girl on the sand
Blonde woman wearing ocean beach inspired silver jewellery that is made in Australia
girl wearing beach ocean inspired jewellery made in Australia

We are Australian designers that take the textures, shapes and contours of things we can find at the beach like shells, coral or the sea life to create beautiful pieces of sterling silver jewellery with unique hand made Australian designs. Each one is easy to wear, liveable and reflects a carefree lifestyle of sun kissed skin soaking up salty sea breezes from the beach.

We sell a range of beach inspired jewellery pieces that include pendantsearrings, stacker rings and rings in custom sizes. As handmade jewellery makers on the Sunshine Coast we can even be commissioned to create bespoke pieces. 

Our unisex range of beac inspired jewellery products are equally suitable for men or women with a wide selection of mens silver rings or sterling silver earrings for women – we have the perfect beach themed jewellery for anyone. Each piece of beach inspired jewellery is made from 100% solid sterling silver meaning you can take it with you for a swim without the fear of it getting rusty or tarnished.

australian Designer of 
beach inspired jewellery

- A jewellery designer on the Sunshine Coast in Australia -

Kaikoa Designs sterling silver jewellery hand made

Everything that we produce at KaiKoa Designs is hand made in our jewellery workshop on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. We are located not too far away from the beach and this is how we draw our ideas that are then put into every unique design we have for sale. Our Australian Made jewellery is made from silver that is sourced locally and are cast as solid pieces, not coated or plated.