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About - Kaikoa Designs

Australian jewellery designer

Marc and Sally founded KaiKoa Designs from their burning passion and love for the ocean.

They have a deep believe that it is their responsibility to help protect Australia's beautiful coastline, beaches and oceans as the country battles climate change and environmental pressures.

KaiKoa (pronounced kye-KO-uh) is an Australian handmade jewellery brand with pieces that take design inspiration from the ocean.

Originating from the Hawaiian language, KaiKoa means guardian of the sea and as ocean conservationists, we feel this name is very fitting for our Australian jewellery brand. We design, forge and finish each individual piece by hand using ancient techniques like the lost wax method.

We founded the brand to have eco-friendly and sustainable practices so that everything we produce has little to no impact on the environment. Apart from the manufacturing process we also deliver our pieces in compostable and reusable packaging.

Of course, you can’t claim to care about the environment without giving back. We support a number of local causes and each sale has a portion of funds that are allocated to these like the Tangaroa Blue Foundation which strive to reduce marine debris. 

That is our way. 

If you want to buy high-quality Australian-made jewellery pieces that are hand made from 925 sterling silver which are beautiful, durable and can suit being worn for any occasion, then our range is ideal for you. Our designs are timeless and can suit a local Australian who wants to wear it to the beach or someone living overseas about to have a night on the town. 

For us it is about more than just creating something you’ll wear- when someone buys one piece or all their jewellery from us, they become part of this wonderful cause. 

 – Meet the designers – 

Introducing Marc and Sally, the talented local founders of KaiKoa Designs jewellery company. Sally is the creative mind responsible for the beach themed designs whilst Marc uses his years of metal craftsmanship to manufacture the beautiful ocean inspired jewellery pieces in their workshop on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. 

They believe in creating a team of locally sourced talent to design and create a range of bespoke Australian designed and made jewellery. 

 – Our  mission – 

We have a dream of creating an Australian made jewellery brand that creates pieces that are designed using inspiration from the beach, sea and oceans around us.

We want to create these with a very minimal carbon footprint in an environmentally conscious, sustainable, eco-friendly way. With that in mind we want to use the brand to spread awareness about how we can all protect our oceans and planet together.

– Our  values – 

    All of our materials are recyclable, our workshop functions off of renewable energy and we strive to make our packaging compostable.


    We believe in creating durable, premium quality jewellery that is wearable everyday. Our handmade bespoke pieces are made with sterling silver so you can wear them in the ocean without the fear of rust.
    Our pieces are not made by robots in factories. We delicately handcraft every individual piece in our workshop on the Sunshine Coast, using craftsmanship skills that date back centuries. 
    We believe in protecting and preserving nature’s wonders, which is why we donate a portion of our proceeds to the ocean conservation group Tangaroa Blue Foundation.

 – Our  products – 

The products that we sell include  rings, earrings, pendants and stacker rings that can be worn by men or women everyday, for special occasions or simply whenever the mood strikes you.

Each piece is comfortable to wear with intricate details that will suit the most fussiest of jewellery collectors. Best of all they can be worn in the ocean without any fear of getting tarnished, rusty or damaged.

Our range of products will suit those that are after something a little unique that you can’t find everywhere else or don’t see other people wearing as they wander down the street.

As individual as you are.