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Beautiful handmade 
sterling silver jewellery

- Sterling silver jewellery pieces made and designed in Australia -

Handmade sterling silver ocean inspired coral ring
All sizes of manta ray pendants
Beach girl styling her Kaikoa ocean inspired silver rings

At KaiKoa Designs when we produce our Australian handmade sterling silver jewellery pieces we draw our inspiration from the natural wonders of our country. We are Australian jewellery designers on the Sunshine Coast that create unique handmade jewellery pieces including earrings, pendants, stacker rings and rings. Our jewellery pieces beautifully illustrate the most popular elements of Australia’s sun-soaked beaches that men or woman can wear all year round.

Each piece of handmade silver jewellery is slightly imperfect and will have tiny variations to the previous piece, it makes each item of jewellery completely unique and a better choice compared to mass produced items from a machine. As an Australian jewellery designer inspired by nature be love the fact that the textures, shapes and edges feel similar but look different.

earrings beach ocean themed jewellery worn by girl on the sand
Sexy girl styling silver ocean inspired pendants
Gorgeous surf girl wearing seashell pendant and silver earrings

We are Australian jewellery designers that take textures, shapes and contours that we see in nature to then create beautiful pieces of sterling silver jewellery that have unique designs. Each piece is delicate, easy to wear, liveable and reflects a carefree lifestyle of sun kissed skin soaking up a fresh breeze.

We sell jewellery pieces in custom sizes including pendantsearrings, stacker ringsrings and can even be contracted to create bespoke pieces. Our unisex range of hand made sterling jewellery products are equally suitable for men or women with a wide selection of mens silver rings to sterling silver earrings for women – we have the perfect jewellery for anyone. 

Our jewellery is made from 100% sterling silver meaning you can take it with you for a swim without the fear of it getting rusty.

 – Top selling Australian jewellery pieces – 

 – How we design our pieces – 

Our jewellery is handmade in Australian on the Sunshine Coast. Once we finalise a new design we manufacture each piece by hand.

FORM WAX – We start with the raw form of wax from hard to soft to suit different textures and finishes. 

CARVE WAX – We carve the wax into rings, pendants or earrings with our tools, files, sandpaper, flames, blow torches, compressed air and hot electric wax carvers.

SPRUE – We then sprue the piece meaning we add a long piece of wax that allows us to connect the jewellery to a sprue tree. This attaches the rest of the wax pieces ready for the casting process. 

CAST – The wax tree is put into an investment plaster to harden and then in the kiln to further solidify. The molten silver is then poured into the cast and as it cools, the cast is then dissolved in water, to reveal the sterling silver tree. We delicately saw, cut, grind, or sand the sprue off each individual piece of jewellery. 

OXIDISE – Depending on the desired finish or texture of each piece of jewellery we may use an oxidising agent to bring out the definition of textures against a polished sterling silver surface. 

FINISH – When finishing each unique piece, we sand it with a variety of different equipment, before smoothing and shining with a polishing agent to achieve the desired effect. 

HALLMARK – We then hallmark all our pieces with the sterling silver hallmark 925. 

IONIC CLEAN – Once the polishing and finishing of the piece is complete we place it into an ionic cleaner to pull away any foreign materials left behind from the polish. 

POLISH – The piece is then rinsed in water and hand polished with a microfibre silver polishing cloth. 

PACKAGE – Now the piece is ready to be packaged up and sent to its lucky new owner!